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Your Radio Station Can Earn Revenue Using This Tool

Radio Net Media LTD is a technology-driven business focusing on changing the idea of modern online radio experience to social, collaborative, interactive and dynamic. The AdTonos solution for online radio broadcast will replace on-air commercial break content with targeted advertisements changing spray-and-pray ATL ads into pay-per-play performance marketing. It is also works with internet radio streaming.

It’s time to make money out of your internet radio streaming, you can use their revenue calculator here, so you will know how much you may earn

This is how AdTonos works

With the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had to adapt to the new reality that will likely continue for months. For some, the “new normal” will mean changes in a lot of areas of business, including advertising.


As past recessions show, there is a direct link between the state of the economy and advertising spending. And for a lot of businesses, marketing is the first thing to cut back on during tougher times.

After the credit crunch in 2008, ad spending in the U.S. dropped by 13% in general, with a 22% fall in radio advertising (second after newspapers), and only 2% in online advertising. But studies have shown it’s actually a good idea to keep advertising during a recession to power through it and reap the benefits once it’s over.

This time, experts predict advertising spending will be most impacted in Q2 and then slowly regaining in H2. The channels most likely to take a hit are:

social media
digital video
linear broadcast TV.
Restaurants, cinema, and travel will be the most impacted industries, with retail, automotive, and finance/insurance following suit.

According to Way to Grow, the industries that have already cut back on programmatic ad spending the most are travel and tourism, real estate, and jobs and education. The thing is, as we can see from past crises, brands that cut marketing spending during a crisis can hurt their business in the long term.


There are industries which have increased programmatic ad spending during the COVID-19 pandemic, like mobile apps, computers, and electronics, or internet and telecom. The companies that haven’t stopped investing in ads, or even increased their ad budgets, are more likely to be better off once the recession is over, leaving the ones that did cut back far behind.

There are several reasons why it might be a good time for you to invest in ads if you have the budget:

The competition is usually lower during a recession, with lower noise levels. It’s easier to get through to your audience. Plus, it’s also a good time to innovate.
You can show your customers you’re a stable company that has its ways to cope with a recession.
The cost of advertising usually drops in a recession.
Companies that reduce their ad spend lose their share of voice in their category, which leads to losing their share of the market (and ultimately, profits).


With fewer companies advertising in general, programmatic audio ads have multiple benefits that can be used to increase not only brand awareness but also sales and revenue.

They’re cost-effective – and much cheaper to produce than video ads.
They have multiple targeting options, just as other programmatic ad channels, with the same levels of measurability. This means you can optimize and increase their performance as you go, and make sure your ad dollars (or pounds) are well spent and bring the expected ROI.
They’re effective – they’re a great way to engage listeners and keep them thinking about your brand. And get them ready to buy from you when all of this is over.
If you’re in an industry that’s in demand right now, you probably won’t have to wait for the results until the end of the recession. Programmatic audio ads are directly tied to high conversions, and they can help you sell your products and services online right now, while people spend most of their time home and turn to streaming services, podcasts, and online radio for entertainment.


Companies offering any kind of online collaboration tools, remote work solutions, and other SaaS platforms that are now in high demand.
E-commerce stores selling computers and other electronic supplies people are now buying to equip their home offices (and home cinemas).
Other e-commerce businesses that still operate and ship their products.
Online food delivery chains.
Mobile apps and gaming.
Consulting services like legal, marketing, etc. that people still need.
Virtually any brand that needs to stay on their customers’ minds.
So if you’re in a position to keep advertising and innovating, programmatic audio ads can contribute to your company’s growth – if not during the pandemic, then once this whole thing is over, and your customers keep you top of mind, because you didn’t stop advertising.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world such as in Italy, media ad spending decreased to 20%.

It’s not really all the fault of Covid-19 that has created uncertainty, even companies are taking the lead with a little forward-looking approach to communication. L ‘ Observatory Internet Media of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano at the conference “Internet advertising: use of, monetization down” yesterday presented the results of research dedicated digital ADV.

In the introduction Giuliano Noci , Scientific Manager of the Observatory, underlined: «For 2020 we expect a rather significant drop in the adv values ​​in Italy and for the first time the figure also concerns the digital world, around 14%. This is not a surprising situation in the light of the picture we are experiencing, but compared to the European average which will record a 9% drop with Germany at -7% and France at -12%, Italy will lose more. Worldwide, and in particular in China, despite Covid-19, the digital giant Tencent, shareholder of WeChat, has seen an increase in advertising revenue of 32% “.

According to Andrea Lamperti , Director of the Internet Media Observatory, “in 2020 the advertising market in 2020 will be worth just over 7 billion euros, the worst figure for at least 15 years (it was worth 8.7 billion in 2019), with all the components ( TV, Internet, Radio, Press and Out of Home) which will suffer a double-digit drop for a total market of -18%. The value of the adv on the Internet will drop by 14%, from 3.3 billion euros in 2019 to 2.84 billion, a result lower than that of 2018 “.

Within Display advertising, Video advertising sales (which have grown strongly in recent years) will drop by 12% and that of Banners by 15%, conditioned above all by the Brand Safety logics of companies. The collection deriving from the purchase of spaces on search engines (-14%) and on E-commerce & Classified advertising portals (-21%) also fell.

«Even the big international players, the OTTs, will be strongly impacted by this crisis. with a 13% drop. However, their share remains very high, equal to 77% – continued Lamperti -. For the Italian Programmatic market, which had closed 2019 at + 14% with 556 million euros in funding, a first estimate of the end of the year is around 480 million “.

If you compare the trend of online advertising with that of other media, only TV will have a drop in 2020 comparable to that of the Internet channel, while Radio, Press and Out of Home (OOH) will have more significant decreases, well beyond the least 20%. TV and Internet will maintain market leadership (respectively 42% and 40% of the share), with Stampa at 9%, Radio at 5% and Out of Home at 4%).

Companies and media system
Noci also painted a picture of what businesses are doing. During the lockdown months, the Research also analyzed how advertising investors intervened with respect to the marketing choices and advertising budgets decided in the pre-Covid period. The survey revealed that over 70% of the brand companies interviewed reduced, postponed or blocked the budget for investments in online advertising.

«Unfortunately, they faced the crisis in a wrong way, even in a context of understandable uncertainty, not so much because they reduced the investments in adv but because they reduced them in a key of behavioral isomorphism, that is perpetuating that obsessive short-term logic that the has distinguished in the last 2 years: an action that leads to the commoditization of the commercial proposal – Noci is convinced -. The Covid-19 crisis, in reality, had to lead in the opposite direction: the brands that decided to focus on brand purpose logic, to return to invest or to invest with even more vigor on the brand equity dimension have achieved results above average:

According to the professor, building a brand today “not only requires a knowledge of the media ecosystem, but also that relating to the customer journey and the behavioral archetypes of individuals”. That is to say: an omnichannel brand perspective that sublimates its value on all touchpoints, to give the right content and services on the right channel, at the right time and to the right individual. Also on the media system Noci expressed a very clear position.

«It is no longer possible for publishers to support their Value proposition only through advertising sales, which, moreover, will decrease significantly this year. There is space and interest in paid content, if the content is interesting to the user. We therefore hope that publishers are aware of the important role they have in conveying quality content, and that they must be more and more capable in personalization activities: the ability to build increasingly segmented offers and to understand what the interests of individuals are. today a differential factor. It will therefore be necessary to accurately calibrate both the mix between generalist and personalized content, and the mix of forms of enhancement through advertising but also subscriptions ».

With the multiplication of touchpoints and opportunities for interaction between the company and consumers, the need also emerged for tools to read and interpret the synergies and integrations between the various media, such as Marketing Mix Model (MMM) and MultiTouch Attribution (MTA ).

“23% only adopt an MMM model, 21% only adopt an MTA model and only 21% have adopted both solutions – explained Nicola Spiller , Director of the Internet Media Observatory -. The reasons why the spenders adopt an MMM model refer to the need to optimize the marketing ROI 63%, followed by the objective of analyzing the impact of the various marketing activities (53%) and the increase in sales (47% ). The adoption of an attribution model (MTA) refers to the need to optimize investments in advertising and the desire to evaluate the effectiveness of digital touchpoints (for both 28%) followed by the need to identify synergies between channels and monitoring of new initiatives (for both 22%) ».

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Saving Traditional Radio with Internet

One of the things they told you in college when you were studying Journalism a little over a decade ago was that radio had a serious problem. The massive audiences of decades ago no longer existed and radio audience successes reached limited masses of audiences. That was not, however, the main problem with radio as far as audiences were concerned. The main problem was that the radio was not showing a generational replacement. Those who listened to the radio on a recurring basis were population groups of a certain age and young people “passed” this type of content. They did it because of television first and the network later.

Traditional radio was, therefore, in a very complicated moment. So much so, in fact, that radio should have been the first analogue blackout in the media, but it remained a fiasco because the radios felt it was not worth it and also because they feared further fragmentation of audiences. In 2011, the industry had to have a plan for its leap to digital, but since then until today it seems that there have been no major changes in this area.

That does not mean that the radio has not changed. It has done. The medium that was in a deep crisis a decade and a little behind is now in a new and surprising situation. He’s in a kind of new youth, a revival.

Podcasts have become a market on the rise , which has ceased to be a niche and has become increasingly popular. The success of some influential podcasts and the impact that smartphones have had and the high capacity of the mobile internet have helped to position this type of content and make it more common in the consumption habits of citizens.

Future forecasts on where the podcast market will go, which is increasingly being joined by more and more players (Apple one of the last to have positioned itself in exclusive and proprietary content), speak of exclusive content on different platforms. and also personalized, as pointed out in an analysis in the Financial Times. And of course all this growth translates into more income. Projections suggest that the amount of money advertisers will spend on podcasts will be higher and higher.

Online radio, growing
But podcasts, podcasts are. It could be said that they are a way of accessing radio content, but it is done in the same way as with on-demand content on VoD platforms. What happens to the radio “always”?

Things have changed for her too. The Internet has created new opportunities to reach new listeners and has also changed listener / consumer habits. Increasingly, more and more people listen to radio online. In Spain, 46.2% of Spanish Internet users already listen to internet radio, at least according to data from the Association for Media Research (AIMC). 35% of general radio listeners listen to live content and 30% are left with deferred content (podcast).

Online radio listeners use their smartphones to access content, something similar to what happens with podcasts and other types of voice content.

What the Audiobook Boom Says
Although audiobooks are not online radio, their growing presence in Spanish book consumption habits can help understand how consumers’ relationship with the word ‘read’ is changing. A study by Storytel, one of the audiobook platforms operating in Spain, pointed out not long ago that audiobook users consume more books on average since they started listening to audiobooks. As they noted in the study’s conclusions, “audiobook users claim to read many books.” The latest Barometer of Reading Habits and Book Purchase , from the Federation of Editors Guilds of Spain, was another of the elements that confirmed that the Spanish were increasingly familiar with the audiobook, something that clearly demonstrated that they had made the new format of consuming audio content.

Returning to the data from the Storytel studio, the listeners incorporate these contents into what were dead moments. 62.02% listen to audiobooks on the way to work, 54.47% exercising, 49.04% traveling and 40.38% while cleaning their house.

And the peak of interest in this type of content can be seen in the growing movement that publishers are making in this field. “In the last year, the offer of audiobooks in Spanish has grown by 50%,” explained Alex Gibelalde, Country Manager in Spain for Storytel, in the conclusions of the study. The launch of the latest novel by EL James, the bestselling author of The Fifty Shades , for example, was already performed by Penguin Random House simultaneously in book (print and ebook) and audiobook.

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Internet Radio Remains Strong During Sheltering Period, Market Research Report 2020 Released

From Internet radio Market Research Report 2020 presents a point-by-point analysis of key market growth trends, opportunities, challenges and drivers. Internet radio The market research report indicates the scenario by region / country. The Internet radio market is expected to develop at a very crucial CAGR in the life span of fate because the scope and its applications are growing spectacularly worldwide. Internet radio Market ordering data by segment by type, application and marketing channel. Internet radio Market report indicates the market investment scenario by market share, market growth (value and volume).

Get an example copy of the report –

Global Internet radio’s 2020 market research provides a basic overview of the industry, including definitions, classifications, applications and industrial chain structure. The analysis of the market share of Global Internet radio is provided for international markets, including development trends, analysis of the competitive landscape and development status of the key regions. Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as production processes and cost structures.

The final report will add an analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this sector.

In the context of COVID-19 Outbreak, the development of the Internet radio industry is also analyzed in detail in chapter 1.7 of the report.

In chapter 2.4, we analyzed industry trends in the context of COVID-19 for the Internet radio market.

In chapter 3.5, we analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on the industrial product chain based on the upstream and downstream markets of the Internet radio market.

In chapters 6 to 10 of the report, we analyze the impact of COVID-19 on various major regions and countries on the Internet radio market.

Chapter 13.5 highlights the impact of COVID-19 on the future development of the sector.

To find out how COVID-19 Pandemic will impact this market / sector – Request a sample copy of the report –

This report also indicates consumption / import / export demand. Gross data, costs, prices, revenue and margins. For each covered producer, this report analyzes Internet radio production sites, capacity, production, ex-works price, revenues and market share in the global market. The Global Internet Radio Market Report 2020 provides exclusive vital statistics, data, information, trends and details of the competitive landscape in this niche sector.

List of key players in the Internet radio market report are: –

AOL Radio
DI.FM , Inc.
Google Inc.
Apple Inc.
Slacker, Inc.
Spotify Ltd. , LLC
AccuRadio, LLC
Pandora Media, Inc.
iHeartMedia, Inc.

Global Internet radio 2020 market research provides a basic overview of the industry, including definitions, classifications, applications and industrial chain structure. Market analysis of Global Internet radio is provided for international markets, including development trends, analysis of the competitive landscape and the state of development of key regions. Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as production processes and cost structures. This report also indicates consumption / import / export demand. Gross data, costs, prices, revenues and margins.

With tables and figures that help analyze the global Internet radio market around the world, this research provides key statistics on the state of the sector and is a valuable source of orientation and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

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DJ Drops and Mixtape IDs

Get a new set of DJ Drops and Mixtape IDs now. Use the package below

Chris Carnage live in the mix
You’re listening to DJ Chris Carnage
This is Ultimate Carnage volume one with DJ Chris Carnage
You’re listening to DJ Tommy Pow
This is DJ Azzmac live in the mix

Internet Radio news.

Streaming music, playlists, podcasts, Internet radio and audiobooks: with Sonos you can directly access the best of contents and with the app you have everything at your fingertips in one place, simply and quickly

Sonos is known for the audio quality of its Wi-Fi speakers, for the ease of installation and versatility, but there is another important advantage reserved for those who choose Sonos to listen to music: that of having a complete and perfectly available system. integrated with content, which allows access

directly to the music available on the main streaming services for free and for a fee. In a very simple way, directly from the Sonos Controller app it is possible to access your accounts on the main streaming platforms, Internet radio, podcasts and of course your files saved on mobile devices, on your computer or on a network disk (NAS ). All in one place and with the ability to cross-search to find your favorite music. Airplay 2 ensures compatibility with Apple devices and it is also possible to import iTunes playlists and those created with third-party software (M3U, WPL and PLS playlists). In addition, Sonos speakers are compatible with voice commands and virtual assistants:you can send music playing with voice commands from apps of streaming services (for example Spotify).

Sonos gets along well with Spotify and friends: over 100 compatible services
The free Sonos app, available for Android devices, iOS for Windows PC and Mac, allows you to directly access streaming content without having to switch between other applications, thanks to the compatibility with the main subscription services available on the net.

The app manages the streaming services in an integrated way: just configure the accounts and enter your credentials to choose and play music, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks directly from the Sonos app. All in one app, with the ability to perform cross-searches by song title, artist, composer and more . And once you have found the desired music, just save it to your favorites in the “My Sonos” section.

The list of compatible services is very large and constantly updated: with the Sonos app you can listen to music and audio content from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, only to name a few; a list of services with a description of the content offer is available at this address .

Here is the list of all the services with which the Sonos system is compatible. Almost all these services are available on the Italian territory.

There is also the content you don’t expect: radio, podcasts, audiobooks and high quality music
Sonos supports all major streaming services , from the best known to the least known. With Sonos it is also nice to discover new worlds, looking for music and ways of listening that perhaps you have never thought of.

TuneIn, radio and information from all over the world

Thanks to Internet radio, Sonos brings music and information from around the world into the home. TuneIn, for example, but not the only service of its kind available on Sonos, allows you to listen to over 100,000 radio stations streaming from every corner of the planet, with live programs, podcasts and information.

A universe of podcasts to be discovered

Podcasts allow you to stay connected to your interests, to inquire “on demand” on a specific topic. The Sonos app offers the search for Podcasts, but it is also possible to browse and play the available podcasts using music services such as Radio by TuneIn, Pocket Casts.

High fidelity streaming with Tidal and Qobuz

Tidal and Qobuz are two excellent references for the best listening experience on Sonos speakers, both offer music in lossless format (FLAC) with a quality equivalent to CD (44.1 kHz / 16 bit) or higher, thanks to the availability of audio files in high resolution (Tidal offers Master Quality Authenticated 96 kHz / 24 bit technology; on Qobuz you can listen to FLAC 192 KHz / 24bit).

Soundcluod, new and independent music

SoundCloud is a social audio platform where anyone can listen and discover music created and shared by emerging and independent artists who wish to promote their songs privately or in public. Perfect for those who love new music and want to listen to songs other than the usual hits.

Calm, relax with music

Music helps to concentrate, to restore calm and can even promote sleep. Calm is an online platform that offers many music tracks selected to promote relaxation. It is ideal for listening in the background when returning home after a long day, but also while studying or working to increase creativity and productivity.

Sonos can also read you a good book

Why not read a book? Better yet, why not let Sonos read it? With Audiobooks, for example: the service offers a large catalog by subscription with more than 150.00 books in different languages, including Italian. And to enrich the listening experience, 700,000 podcasts are also available.

Sonos for the little ones

Sonos parental controls allow you to filter child-proof content, and you can also limit your listening volume. There are also streaming services that offer content designed specifically for children, such as Minidisco for example.

Restaurant and hotel managers also have an easy life

Even hotels, restaurants, spas and shops can use a Sonos sound system to spread music, thanks to services that offer an appropriate selection of music, such as for example: a music service produced by professional DJs specifically for the needs of hotels, spas, wellness centers, restaurants, etc …

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Podcast Jingles

3,2,1,….podcast activated….welcome to the A.M. Station… with your favorite best friends hosting… Alexis and Mel

They don’t mind being liked… Seriously, follow Alexis and Mel on their instagram, Youtube and now their STATION.

You are now listening to the A.M. Station, sponsored by Buzzsprout

Keep listening To The A.M. Station for new episodes, you don’t want to miss it.

The A.M. Station…… adding a little shine to your morning drive

Get new spoken jingles for your podcast or radio shows, use the link below to start now.

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Beast Radio Sweepers, Teeth For Your Radio Imaging

Teeth for your radio imaging. Thank you Beast Radio #SoundBigWithVIP

1 You Are Now Tuned In To The World’s Greatest Radio Station Beast Radio
2 This Is The Best Radio Station In The World Beast Radio
3 Playing All The Best New Music First Only On Beast Radio
4 Beast Radio The Only Station That Plays Pop, HipHop, R&B, EDM, Afrobeat & Trap
5 Beast Radio Is Where Local Radio Ends And Global Radio Begins

Get your brand new radio IDs now, use the package below to get started.

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Global Growth of Internet Radio

Great news for internet radio station owners, the global internet radio market is projected to increase by a significant percentage between this year 2019 and 2024. (Source Orbis Research).

The Asia-Pacific will occupy for more market share in following years, especially in China, also fast growing India and Southeast Asia regions.

North America, especially The United States, will still play an important role which cannot be ignored.
Any changes from United States might affect the development trend of Internet Radio.Europe also play important roles in global market.

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Quality Jingles at Great Price

Thanks to Sabrina S, Station Manager of Power 99 for making it Sound Big with VIP.

“Quality was everything I expected and more. Customer service was also great on helping me. I will definitely order more soon and can only recommend their services to anyone that needs great quality jingles at a great price.”

Sabrina S, Station Manager of Power 99

Start making it sound big with these radio id packages.

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Get Intro The Hits – Branded Intros with Guetta Solveig Jones Rexha Ora Wiley Lanez Kranium

The power of habit and the impact of branded power hit intros equal to successful imaging. This is the endgame for getting Hit Intros for your station. Constantly play a branded intro version of the hits on your station and the more your listeners hear it, the more they associate your station with the song. The next time they listen to it on Spotify, they anticipate your station name, now that is name recall. Check out the new Hit Intros below.

If there is any song you’d like us to create a branded hit intro, message us on our Facebook page. Your imaging should be as smashing as the hits and artists you play like David Guetta. Speaking of Guetta, the world famous DJ is among the many pop culture icons who have jumped into the FaceApp craze recently.

The summer trend is getting old, but calm, only in photos. It’s the latest fashion and it’s called FaceApp , that is the application that ages or rejuvenates faces. As it happens the novelty is teasing many celebrities, and a true viral wave is emerging with the FaceApp Challenge , the game to post their photos on social networks with a 40-year-old face.

The free app invites, but beware that some of the most interesting effects are paid (€ 3.99 per month or € 19.99 per year and 43.99 forever), and also the curiosity to see each other in a few dozen years seems to have become irresistible.

From players to actors, from bloggers to singers, FaceApp is the new fashion. On Instagram we find, with a few more wrinkles, the retouched photos of actors of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio, Alessandro Gassmann , but also the DJ David Guetta and the Ferragnez, not to forget athletes like Papu Gomez, Boateng or the whole Treviso Basket .

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Tribute to Avicii Hit Intros

For us, Avicii never left, his music continues to pound through our eardrums and deep straight into our hearts. With the unquestionable success of his posthumous album, stations across the world celebrate the life of the legend who now spins for us up in heaven. And whatever better way to remember and celebrate than to air Hit Intros that pay tribute to Avicii.

Heaven by Avicii is a single completed by the Swedish DJ before his passing away in April last year .

The song, sung by Chris Martin, voice of Coldplay , was inspired by a trip to Italy and in particular by the interest of Avicii for La Divina Commedia by Dante.

To tell what is behind the song Heaven was the producer and friend of Avicii , Soundin. These are his words, to remember the birth of Heaven:

“Tim told me a lot about Dante, Florence and his Inferno. Then he played a new song, which he made with Chris Martin. He was inspired by all these thoughts about Heaven and Hell. It was so beautiful … the piano part had completely caught me. It will always be special for me … “

It appears that Avicii was for several months, in 2016, in a castle south of Siena, and had therefore had the opportunity to get to know Tuscany, Dante and his Comedy, remaining fascinated.

The video for Heaven, which is a video tribute to Avicii, shows many images of the DJ on one of his last trips.

So the wonderful landscapes of Madagascar alternate, and Avicii, who plays or simply contemplates the wonders around him. A very heartwarming video that makes us feel even more miss him.