10 Radio IDs Pack Volume 2



To order:
1.) Enter station slogan and name in the form
2.) Click Add to Cart, View Cart, then Proceed to Checkout
3.) Log in (existing customers) or register once (for new), then Proceed to Paypal for payment
4.) Production and delivery


10 radio IDs for stations that play the best selection of songs.

Using the copy below, we will add your station slogan and name.

Just The Right Kind Of Mix Always Turn You On (Station Slogan, Name)
The Radio Is Hot But The Music Is Cool (Station Slogan, Name)
The Radio Station You Can Call Your Own (Station Slogan, Name)
What You Want And What You’ll Need (Station Slogan, Name)
You Know What Listeners Like About Our Station? It’s Everything (Station Slogan, Name)
The Home Of The Biggest Stars (Station Slogan, Name)
Our Listeners Love Our Station So Much, That They Listen Even While Sleeping (Station Slogan, Name)
Back To Back To Back To Back Hits (Station Slogan, Name)
Fresh From The Biggest Library Of Music Allowed By Law (Station Slogan, Name)
We Never Stop The Music, Except For Now, When I Talk, Okay Let Me Shut Up Now (Station Slogan, Name)

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