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10 radio IDs for stations that play todays best music.

Using the copy below, we will add your station slogan and name.

1.) (station name), everything you like, everything you need is found only here (station slogan, name)
2.) (station name), gives you the freshest and hottest from then and now, so fresh it gives you chills (station slogan, name)
3.) Our listeners love the beat of the station, they listen all day, nonstop (station slogan, name)
4.) (station name), listeners cant live without us, at home, at work, everywhere (station slogan, name)
5.) (station name), we’re like your best friend on the air, radio with personality (station slogan name)
6.) When you wake in the morning, til you hit the bed, we’re playing the hits all day, (station name)
7.) Knocking Down another 10 hits in a row (bowling ball knocking down pins) (station name)
8.) We play the hottest hits, so hot it melts your speakers (station slogan, name)
9.) Hitmusic lives here, on your 247 party station (station slogan, name)
10.) … thats the sound of bad music coming to your ears, and this is the real sound of hitmusic (station name)