10 Radio IDs Pack Volume 3



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10 radio IDs

Using the copy below, we will add your station slogan and name. The voices and script or copy are as is

The Greatest Radio Station (Best Station On The Radio) Serving All Of Planet Earth Youre Listening To The World Famous…(Station Slogan, Station Name)

When We Say We Play Your Favorites We Mean All Of It And Not Just Some Of It, (All My Favorite Songs) Your Binge Worthy Station (Station Slogan, Station Name)

The Most Ubiquitous Radio Station (All My Friends Listen) Your Friends To Listen To It , Your Neighbors, Your Boss, Your Ex, I Mean Why Not (Station Slogan, Station Name)

You Can Listen To Us Anywhere, (At Home In My Car), Even At Work Or When You (Toilet) (Ewww) However You Want It, Our Music Goes With You (Station Slogan, Station Name)

The Competition May Try, But They Can Never Succeed, (Other Stations Dont Compare) The Original, The Only One (Station Slogan, Station Name)

(Singing Karaoke), Is That You Singing Along With Your Favorite Songs We Cant Blame You, Music So Good, Youd Be Singing All Day Long (Entertained All Day Long) (Station Slogan, Station Name)

We Turn You On Coz We Turn It Up Aaah, Just Love The Music (Sweeter Than Candy) (Station Slogan, Station Name)

We Dont Have Ai, We Just Use Our Special Powers To Know What You Like To Hear And Play It, (Station Is Psychic), Only The Songs You Love (Station Slogan, Station Name)

Just Because You Like A Song, Doesnt Mean We Have Play It Repeatedly,
(Do Not Repeat The Songs) Discover Songs Youre Gonna Love And Tunes You Already Do, (Station Slogan, Station Name)

And Now Another Set Of The Music You Know And Love, And The Ones You Will Surely Like, Strap In, Its Going To Be A Wild Ride, (Station Slogan, Station Name)

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