6 Male + 6 Female Radio Show Idents DJJinglesX04

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6 male and female spoken Radio Show, Radio Station or Radio DJ jingles.

Send us your script of 6, each line has 2 versions so you get a total of 12 DJ IDs.

Uses in house voice talents male and female. We reserve the right to modify, adjust the script for creative and production purposes. Elements to be used are on us, song clips not included.

Sample script or copy

1 Time Get This Party Started (Insert script here)
2 We Are Now Officially On (Insert script here)
3 Welcome Get Ready 4 Takeoff (Insert script here)
4 Welcome My Friends (Insert script here)
5 What Goin On Everybody (Insert script here)
6 Yo Ready Come on (Insert script here)

Sample script here:

And the party just keeps getting louder
Music up radio on the only thing you need to do is turn up the volume
We are taking you into an unforgettable musical journey
Welcome to the best on radio land
Everybody bring out your speakers put on your headphones
Its another hour of power filled with more fun and music heres another 1

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