10 Radio IDs Pack Volume 4



To order:
1.) Enter station slogan and name in the form
2.) Click Add to Cart, View Cart, then Proceed to Checkout
3.) Log in (existing customers) or register once (for new), then Proceed to Paypal for payment
4.) Production and delivery


10 radio IDs

Using the copy below, we will add your station slogan and name. The voices and script or copy are as is

This Is The Kind of Music We Play and Your Eardrums Really Love (yes Its My Kind of Music) (Station Slogan + Name)

Do other stations make you sick with their bad playlist (What is with you people) finally music to your ears (Station Slogan + Name)

Now its time for another sure favorite (The Music I Wanna Hear) guaranteed (Station Slogan + Name)

We know Facebooks for parents, snapchats for kids, but here at our station we got music for everyone (old stuff new stuff) (Station Slogan + Name)

Why choose when you can have everything (Off The Hook) your music plays here (Station Slogan + Name)

You cant see me, but im really banging my heard right now, just love the music here, hey go back to work (Number 1 on my Radio) (Station Slogan + Name)

Its like a concert, except that you get all the artists you love, and all the big songs you like, it’s radio station and youre tuned in to it (Its Good I Listen to It)(Station Slogan + Name)

My Kind of Music Everyday It Rocks (Station Slogan + Name)

You hear that car (loud music) thats our fault, music you can resist (I Love Your Music) (Station Slogan + Name)

Your daily habit, its like you cant leave home without it (I Listen Drivin to work, Heard You Guys Everyday) (Station Slogan + Name)

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