DANCE Pulse of the Planet (6 Male + 6 Female DJ-Station IDs)

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6 male and female spoken jingles for stations that play dance music.

Send us your script of 6, each line has 2 versions, male and female, so you get a total of 12 idents.

Uses in house voice talents male and female. We reserve the right to modify, adjust the script for creative and production purposes. Elements to be used are same as in demo, no song clips included or other vocal elements included.

Sample script:

Movin Your Body Like We Move The World, The Dance Station, (Station or DJ Here)
They Are Not Just Djs, They Are Planet Shakers, (Station or DJ Here)
Real Djs, Real Music, Real Dance Experience (Station or DJ Here)
Execute Final Order, The Dance Floor Is Your Last Destination (Station or DJ Here)
Dim The Lights, Pump Up The Beats, Before You Know It, The Crowd Is Goin Wild (Station or DJ Here)
Electrifying, Eargasm-Inducing, This Is The Pulse Of The Planet (Station or DJ Here)

(If you like to use the script above, just copy each line onto the form’s textbox above and replace the Station Name with yours.)

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