Hit2Hit Music Kicker [G2PROD]



Featuring music by Madonna, Jason Derulo and Little Mix. This is go2produce product. You will receive the production elements to which you will edit in or add in your station voice.   Files included:

MK_20150601-Hit2Hit-G2PRODkicker1.mp3 266 kB
MK_20150601-Hit2Hit-G2PRODkicker2.mp3 393 kB
MK_20150601-Hit2Hit-G2PRODsong1Madonna.mp3 9.6 MB
MK_20150601-Hit2Hit-G2PRODsong2JasonDerulo.mp3 7.6 MB
MK_20150601-Hit2Hit-G2PRODsong3LittleMix.mp3 8.3 MB