Z100 Variety [G2PROD]



Your Music, Your Variety Station infused with the Z100 Sonic logo and comes with a launcher, ramp, slogan and artist/power intro ID feat Galantis. This is go2produce product. You will receive the production elements to which you will edit in or add in your station voice.   Files included:

MK_20150615-Z100VarietyG2PRODartistID.mp3 365 kB
MK_20150615-Z100VarietyG2PRODlauncher.mp3 876 kB
MK_20150615-Z100VarietyG2PRODramp.mp3 876 kB
MK_20150615-Z100VarietyG2PRODslogan.mp3 495 kB
MK_20150615-Z100VarietyG2PRODsongGALANTISRunaway.mp3 8.9 MB