Purchase of Products, Services, Use of the website

1. The voice used in the pre-produced or custom spoken jingles and sweepers are the standard voice(s) of RadioJinglesVIP.

2. Pre-produced jingles are supplied either in Go2Play and Go2Produce options. A Go2Play option provides the client the fully produced version using standard voice.

3. A Go2Produce option provides the client the clean or production shell (mixout without the custom voice over inserted). We will not produce the jingle using your voice. Hence, the station will be the one to produce it with their own station voice. It does not include nor do we provide the separate tracks like the FX, artist drops, voice drops, and audio bits. This clean mixout is intended for single station or user only. The format is mp3.

Go2Produce track comes as it is, no customization, modification such as rearranging of the elements, lengthening beds.

In 2016, Go2Produce items via radiojingles.vip are accessible right after purchase unless otherwise stated.

4. Fully produced custom orders are provided each cut with 1 fullmix. It does not include nor do we provide the separate tracks like the FX, artist drops, voice drops, and audio bits.

5. Modifications to the pre-produced jingles are limited and are defined by RadioJinglesVIP. Any further modifications will be considered a custom order or will require additional fee. The song(s) included in the demo is/are for playout demonstration purposes only. We do not sell record(s) or part of it.

6. Scripts/instructions for pre-produced jingles or custom orders must be clearly stated. Please review scripts before sending. RadioJinglesVIP will treat the script or instructions provided as final. Changes in the script after production starts or is completed may entail additional fee.

For unintentional duplicate orders, you are allowed 24 hours to update or change the order, otherwise we will send the same cut. Duplicate orders are not illegible for refund.

RadioJinglesVIP will not process orders with empty scripts. The delay in confirming scripts will also compromise fast turnaround.

7. RadioJinglesVIP reserves the right to modify script for a pre-produced jingle or for a custom jingle /sweeper for production purposes, grammatical correctness and sentence structure.

8. RadioJinglesVIP will read the script as they are written. Instructions on pronunciation, stresses, pause, mood or tone of reading must be articulated. The client may provide audio file for certain pronunciations.

9. The standard voice uses American English accent in most productions. Request for other accents must be made ahead. At the moment we are unable to offer other voices.

10. Either pre-produced or custom, we only provide 1 version or read for each script. Request for another version or style of reading implies an additional order or fee.

11. RadioJinglesVIP transacts orders primarily via Paypal.com. Request for other modes of payment can be made such as bank transfer or money transfer (Western Union).  We reserve the right to accept or reject transactions.

11.a The buyer must make sure that his purchase is authorized by the same owner of the Paypal account or account holder of the credit card attached to the Paypal account.

11.b The buyer must have a verified Paypal account status otherwise transactions may not be honored or processed.

12. For either pre-produced or custom orders, payment must be verified before production starts.

13. Acknowledgment of completed order or payment from Paypal or others means of payment will serve as confirmation that your order has been received. In some cases, we will also send a response email within 24 hours minimum, depending on the volume of orders, to the email address indicated on the order form.

14. Delivery is between 1 to 7 days for pre-produced jingles after payment verification, depending on production requirements and volume of order. Delivery time for custom orders vary, usually within 7 days minimum. e-Checks, if they are allowed, must be cleared before product delivery/completion.

Can I receive my order soonest? While we commit to prompt delivery, we put more emphasis on production. We believe in “Art Is Not Rushed!”
Missing or inaccurate details on your order form may lead to delay.Studio availability, volume of order and production requirements are factors that determine delivery date.

Items purchased with the “Yes, delivery within 24 hours” option will be delivered within 24 hours after the payment verification and order delivery receipt emailed to RadioJinglesVIP.

A download link to all completed orders will be emailed to the email address(es) that client provides in the order form provided that the customer gave the correct email address. Client must check the inbox of the provided email address to see if delivery has arrived. Claim of non-delivery must be made by the client 7 days after the placement of order. You may email us at radiojinglesimaging [at] gmail [dot] com to follow up on your pending order(s). RadioJinglesVIP assumes that client has received his order after no complaint of non-delivery is made within 3 days after the delivery date.

All completed orders are uploaded to a third party file hosting service. RadioJinglesVIP will email the client and provide a download link to the finish product(s). The download link will be available only for a limited duration, usually up to 7 days, after which, no guarantee of file availability is given. You may contact us to request a copy of your orders, in case you have lost the files for valid reasons such as computer system crash or circumstances beyond human control. We reserve the right to accept or reject requests for audio files or products previously purchased.

Please make sure to complete the download time before opening or using the finished product(s), otherwise, it will result in file corruption. In the event, you may have to re-download the file.

In most occasions we will send your orders in a zipped or compressed file. We may or may not deliver the files in individual mp3 formats.

Please check the email address you indicated on the order form, this is where we are going to send the jingles. Please check your inbox, and even spam folders for our emails and notification(s) for delivery. We hold no liability for non-receipt due to your email ‘s filtering system.

It is advisable to download your completed orders from a desktop computer than from a smart phone to avoid file corruption.

We are open Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM GMT +8:00. We are closed on special holidays. Orders that fall on Sundays or holidays will be processed the following Monday or working day (except for orders that opted for the 24 hour delivery).

15. Request for revisions are limited and are only allowed 3 days within the delivery/completion of the order. Please see item number 5 for changes in scripts. Request of revision will only be accepted if it is the fault of ours for example incorrect pronunciation or missing words.

Revisions that require a significant change or modification compared to the original script or copy is not allowed.

16. Request for a refund with valid reason should be made within 3 days after product delivery/completion. Refund may be charged a transaction fee. RadioJinglesVIP assumes that client is satisfied with the product or has received the product when no complaint is filed after 3 days of delivery.

Paypal disputes must be made after the expected period of delivery (see #14) has lapsed. Disputes should only be made based on non-receipt of order, again, expected period of delivery has lapsed.

The client must present valid reason for the claim, refund or dispute, otherwise it will not be processed.

We discourage the client from issuing Paypal disputes as it only delays the processing and such service disruption and inconvenience may force us to file legal actions.

We use an online delivery service that tracks whether or not the customer has received and successfully downloaded the order, making it our basis as proof of delivery and receipt in the event of Paypal dispute.

Request for refund because the buyer has changed his or her mind and no longer wants to proceed or use the purchased items after they are delivered is not allowed.

17. RadioJinglesVIP reserves the right to accept or reject orders.

All custom orders, including the production files, automatically becomes owned material(s) of RadioJinglesVIP and has rights to use it.

We may use the produced material of the client such as for demonstration purposes.

18. RadioJinglesVIP will not claim or hold liability for any damage or any harm in any form or legal liability brought upon your purchase with any of our products/services.

19. RadioJinglesVIP does not claim ownership of any songs, musical compositions, audio materials or work of art featured in this website unless otherwise stated.

19a. RadioJinglesVIP does not sell whole record(s) or part of it. Paid services are for voice and production only.

RadioJinglesVIP underscores that it does not sell or intends to sell music as a whole or part of it. We are in the business of production and imaging stations that also help promote music. It does not cover licensing for musical material for broadcast, distribution or streaming. Such case is shouldered by the client.

19b. If there is any content on this website that you find infringing to your copyright, please notify us through our Contact page.

20. RadioJinglesVIP limits the use of the purchased products within the station it was purchased for. Go2Produce tracks or clean mixouts are not allowed to be resold or be distributed without our consent.

21. Changes to these terms, conditions and disclaimer may take place without prior notice so it is your responsibility to review and update yourself.

22. By default, you agree with all these terms, conditions with every purchase or successful checkout you make.

23. For sung jingles, client provides the lyrics and will be finalized. Once finalized there will no more changes. The vocal artists will be chosen based on availability.

24. 1 sung jingle typically require 4 weeks from order to delivery.

Use of this website

1. Information you provide via the orders forms will be used for processing your orders only.

2. Information you provide on the social features such as the membership, forums, videos, comments will be kept confidential. We do not sell your personal details to companies.

3. Upon registration to the social features of this website you agree to post your personal details publicly. RadioJinglesVIP will not hold liable to any damage or legal liability brought upon your membership to this website.

4. Your membership to this website also includes regular email updates. You may unsubscribe to this email updates anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe button located on the bottom of each email.

5. This site contains external links, upon clicking, you will be leaving the website. We will not be responsible to any untoward incident that such action may incur.

6. We do not claim ownership or hold liability to any material, text, graphic, audio or video in nature that you post on the social features of this website. You will be solely responsible to whatever content you provide on this website. We, however, reserve the right to feature, distribute, quote, extract partly, or use entirely on a separation application, the material that you provide on this website.

7. We reserve the right to delete accounts that pose threat, harm, inconvenience or display fraudulence.

8. Membership to this website is non transferable. Password must only be used by you.

*Updated 2016/12/12

This digital document has been produced to preserve the rights of both parties. We are happy to be a part of your endeavors. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page.