Alternative Radio Idents (6 Male, 6 Female Versions)


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6 male and female radio idents for alternative or rock radio formats or shows.

Send us your script of 6, each line has 2 versions (male and female) so you get a total of 12 IDs.

Uses in house voice talents male and female. We reserve the right to modify, adjust the script for creative and production purposes. Elements to be used are on us, elements used in this package will remain as is, song clips not included.

You may use the sample or demo script or copy below

Sample script or copy

Your listening to (station name here) I hope your mother warned you about us
Your Listening to (station name here) The most eclectic station in the Metaverse
Your Listening to (station name here) Are we Crazy Yea most likely but keep listening to make sure
Your Listening to (station name here) Welcome to the randomness that’ll have you scratching your head and asking why
Your Listening to (station name here) The station where we throw caution to the Wind WAIT Dont
Your Listening to (station name here) Where the music is so random and strange you’d swear we are on meds

using 12RadioSweepers1DJ19 COMBOFX

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