Classic Hits Forever 🎧 (Boombox Busting Headphone Gripping)

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6 Male and 6 Female Radio IDs with Song Clips for Radio Stations that play the 90s Classic Hits.

For Go2Play (Get a customized version) Type your script in the form, then add to cart (using purple button) and checkout via Paypal. Using in house voice and elements are as is. Music clips are as is and cannot be modified.

Featured artists:
90s Janet Jackson Diana King Jamiroquai
90s Erasure Whitney Houston The KLF
90s The Brand New Heavies Rosie Gaines Real McCoy
90s Pet Shop Boys MC Hammer Vanilla Ice
90s Master boy Alice Deejay Culture Beat
90s CC Music Factory NSYNC Desree

Sample script:

Songs with sparkling charm and solid craftsmanship classic hits forever _____
From the bittersweet to the bouyant, classic hits now _____
Rediscovering the decade’s chart topping tracks and not just lost favorites _____
Swaggering and strutting your way to music and memories, classic hits _____
Boombox busting and headphone gripping sounds all day, classic hits _____
Lean and mean classic hits _____


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