Hot AC Better Mix Network Radio [ZINGLES!]

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From the creative studio that brought cutting edge, revolutionary radio imaging creations such as Micromix, CueFire, Music Kickers, Imagizers, SeisMix, comes another leap in audio branding – Introducing ZINGLES! – the DNA of Hit Songs, and the Fire Power of Jingles. ZINGLES! is a new imaging solution for today’s radio station. ZINGLES! Jingles that Zing.

6 male and female radio idents [ZINGLES!] for Hot AC, variety or mix radio formats or shows.

Send us your script of 6, each line has 2 versions male and female so you get a total of 12 IDs.

Uses in house voice talents male and female. Your station details will be added to our production in spoken form. Elements to be used are on us, elements used in this package will remain as is. Song clips are for station playout demonstration only, not included in the final items.

Produced lines:

[Zingle] Life is just like radio, no rewind, no pause, just play (Station Here)
[Zingle] All this and were just getting started (Station Here)
[Zingle] No repeat workday, if only my boss gets it (Station Here)
[Zingle] Between sorting emails, sifting files and sipping your coffee (Station Here)
[Zingle] Another hour of great at-work music means, your getting closer to home (Station Here)
[Zingle] More mix at work than you can handle (Station Here)

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