Oldies Greatest Hits Groove [ZINGLES!]

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6 male and 6 female idents for Oldies Radio playing the greatest hits. 6 lines of script or copy each with male and female versions. Elements in the production are as is. Uses in house voice talents male and female. Your station details will be added to our production in spoken form. Elements to be used are on us, elements used in this package will remain as is.

ID + ZINGLE (Station Script Here)
ID + ZINGLE (Station Script Here)
ID + ZINGLE (Station Script Here)
ID + ZINGLE (Station Script Here)
ID + ZINGLE (Station Script Here)
ID + ZINGLE (Station Script Here)

Example script used in the demo:

New Template Oldies Greatest Hits Groove 22284 POSTED

Feeling like a broken record? Skip the rewind button and crank up WABP FM! We play the oldies that are golden, not dusty. Your ears (and knees) will thank you.

Don’t let your age define your taste. WABP FM blasts the music that never gets old, even if you do! Rock on (at your own pace) with the best of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Forget that fancy new app, WABP FM is all you need! We’ve got the original hits that defined generations, because sometimes, classic is just better than “classic rock lite.”

WABP FM: Where yesterday’s jams are tomorrow’s memories (well, maybe not tomorrow, but definitely next Tuesday). Get your groove on with the ultimate oldies station!

Tired of today’s music that sounds like yesterday’s? WABP FM serves up the real deal! We’re the time machine that takes you back to the good stuff, minus the parachute pants.

WABP FM: Proof that some things get better with age, like fine wine…and timeless tunes! Rock out, slow dance, or just reminisce to the soundtrack of your youth (or your parents’ youth, no judgement).


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