Radio Show Feel Good and Upbeat Variety

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Radio idents for Hot AC, variety or mix radio formats or shows.

Send us your script of 6, each line has 2 versions male and female so you get a total of 12 IDs.

Uses in house voice talents male and female. Script may be modified or adjusted for creative and production purposes. Elements to be used are on us, elements used in this package will remain as is.

We will insert your own script after the preproduced lines below

Preproduced lines:

Variety at work variety at home variety every time (Your Script Here)
More upbeat variety to get you through the day (Your Script Here)
All the variety, all day, all in 1 station (Your Script Here)
Now back to work, I mean music, with fun and upbeat variety (Your Script Here)
Our love life, I mean, commercials are non existent, wait what? (Your Script Here)
Sample only: “Commercial free now” (Your Script Here)

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