Z100 Pulse (9 Cuts) [G2PROD]



Pulsating, electrifying and universally more impactful than a double pulsar Z100 Pulse is 3 Z100-logofied IDs, 3 power intro + 3 sweeper ID combos, that’s total of 9 cuts babeee. Get it now, before you get sucked in by the blackhole. This is a go2produce product. You will receive the production elements to which you will edit in or add in your station voice.

MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodKicker1 301 kB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodKicker2 440 kB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodKicker3 320 kB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodKicker4Koma 341 kB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodKicker5OneDirection 279 kB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodKicker6AxwellIngrosso 296 kB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodSONGAxwellIngrosso 9.7 MB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodSONGKoma 9.0 MB
MK_20150815-Z100PulseG2prodSONGOneDirection 7.2 MB