Level Up Radio IDs Go2Produce (10 Cuts Total) [G2PROD]

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Nick Jonas recently dropped his new single “Levels” and it’s so elating it inspired this radio ID consisting of 3 Level Up IDs, great to air alongside your station’s premiere of his new song, plus 3 artist and 4 song intro plugged in IDs. 10 Cuts Total. This is a go2produce product, you will get the production elements to which you will add your station voice.

MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdArtist1NickJonasSage 353 kB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdArtist2MacklemoreEdSheeran 328 kB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdArtist3Avicii 370 kB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdKicker1 343 kB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdKicker2 323 kB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdKicker3 435 kB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdSONG1NickJonasLevels 6.6 MB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdSONG2SageGoodThing 8.6 MB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdSONG3MacklemoreGrowingUp 11.4 MB
MK 20150821-LevelUpG2ProdSONG4AviciiWaiting 8.7 MB