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DJ Drops and Mixtape IDs

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Chris Carnage live in the mix
You’re listening to DJ Chris Carnage
This is Ultimate Carnage volume one with DJ Chris Carnage
You’re listening to DJ Tommy Pow
This is DJ Azzmac live in the mix

Internet Radio news.

Streaming music, playlists, podcasts, Internet radio and audiobooks: with Sonos you can directly access the best of contents and with the app you have everything at your fingertips in one place, simply and quickly

Sonos is known for the audio quality of its Wi-Fi speakers, for the ease of installation and versatility, but there is another important advantage reserved for those who choose Sonos to listen to music: that of having a complete and perfectly available system. integrated with content, which allows access

directly to the music available on the main streaming services for free and for a fee. In a very simple way, directly from the Sonos Controller app it is possible to access your accounts on the main streaming platforms, Internet radio, podcasts and of course your files saved on mobile devices, on your computer or on a network disk (NAS ). All in one place and with the ability to cross-search to find your favorite music. Airplay 2 ensures compatibility with Apple devices and it is also possible to import iTunes playlists and those created with third-party software (M3U, WPL and PLS playlists). In addition, Sonos speakers are compatible with voice commands and virtual assistants:you can send music playing with voice commands from apps of streaming services (for example Spotify).

Sonos gets along well with Spotify and friends: over 100 compatible services
The free Sonos app, available for Android devices, iOS for Windows PC and Mac, allows you to directly access streaming content without having to switch between other applications, thanks to the compatibility with the main subscription services available on the net.

The app manages the streaming services in an integrated way: just configure the accounts and enter your credentials to choose and play music, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks directly from the Sonos app. All in one app, with the ability to perform cross-searches by song title, artist, composer and more . And once you have found the desired music, just save it to your favorites in the “My Sonos” section.

The list of compatible services is very large and constantly updated: with the Sonos app you can listen to music and audio content from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, only to name a few; a list of services with a description of the content offer is available at this address .

Here is the list of all the services with which the Sonos system is compatible. Almost all these services are available on the Italian territory.

There is also the content you don’t expect: radio, podcasts, audiobooks and high quality music
Sonos supports all major streaming services , from the best known to the least known. With Sonos it is also nice to discover new worlds, looking for music and ways of listening that perhaps you have never thought of.

TuneIn, radio and information from all over the world

Thanks to Internet radio, Sonos brings music and information from around the world into the home. TuneIn, for example, but not the only service of its kind available on Sonos, allows you to listen to over 100,000 radio stations streaming from every corner of the planet, with live programs, podcasts and information.

A universe of podcasts to be discovered

Podcasts allow you to stay connected to your interests, to inquire “on demand” on a specific topic. The Sonos app offers the search for Podcasts, but it is also possible to browse and play the available podcasts using music services such as Radio by TuneIn, Pocket Casts.

High fidelity streaming with Tidal and Qobuz

Tidal and Qobuz are two excellent references for the best listening experience on Sonos speakers, both offer music in lossless format (FLAC) with a quality equivalent to CD (44.1 kHz / 16 bit) or higher, thanks to the availability of audio files in high resolution (Tidal offers Master Quality Authenticated 96 kHz / 24 bit technology; on Qobuz you can listen to FLAC 192 KHz / 24bit).

Soundcluod, new and independent music

SoundCloud is a social audio platform where anyone can listen and discover music created and shared by emerging and independent artists who wish to promote their songs privately or in public. Perfect for those who love new music and want to listen to songs other than the usual hits.

Calm, relax with music

Music helps to concentrate, to restore calm and can even promote sleep. Calm is an online platform that offers many music tracks selected to promote relaxation. It is ideal for listening in the background when returning home after a long day, but also while studying or working to increase creativity and productivity.

Sonos can also read you a good book

Why not read a book? Better yet, why not let Sonos read it? With Audiobooks, for example: the service offers a large catalog by subscription with more than 150.00 books in different languages, including Italian. And to enrich the listening experience, 700,000 podcasts are also available.

Sonos for the little ones

Sonos parental controls allow you to filter child-proof content, and you can also limit your listening volume. There are also streaming services that offer content designed specifically for children, such as Minidisco for example.

Restaurant and hotel managers also have an easy life

Even hotels, restaurants, spas and shops can use a Sonos sound system to spread music, thanks to services that offer an appropriate selection of music, such as for example: a music service produced by professional DJs specifically for the needs of hotels, spas, wellness centers, restaurants, etc …

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