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Get Intro The Hits – Branded Intros with Guetta Solveig Jones Rexha Ora Wiley Lanez Kranium

The power of habit and the impact of branded power hit intros equal to successful imaging. This is the endgame for getting Hit Intros for your station. Constantly play a branded intro version of the hits on your station and the more your listeners hear it, the more they associate your station with the song. The next time they listen to it on Spotify, they anticipate your station name, now that is name recall. Check out the new Hit Intros below.

If there is any song you’d like us to create a branded hit intro, message us on our Facebook page. Your imaging should be as smashing as the hits and artists you play like David Guetta. Speaking of Guetta, the world famous DJ is among the many pop culture icons who have jumped into the FaceApp craze recently.

The summer trend is getting old, but calm, only in photos. It’s the latest fashion and it’s called FaceApp , that is the application that ages or rejuvenates faces. As it happens the novelty is teasing many celebrities, and a true viral wave is emerging with the FaceApp Challenge , the game to post their photos on social networks with a 40-year-old face.

The free app invites, but beware that some of the most interesting effects are paid (€ 3.99 per month or € 19.99 per year and 43.99 forever), and also the curiosity to see each other in a few dozen years seems to have become irresistible.

From players to actors, from bloggers to singers, FaceApp is the new fashion. On Instagram we find, with a few more wrinkles, the retouched photos of actors of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio, Alessandro Gassmann , but also the DJ David Guetta and the Ferragnez, not to forget athletes like Papu Gomez, Boateng or the whole Treviso Basket .

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