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Tribute to Avicii Hit Intros

For us, Avicii never left, his music continues to pound through our eardrums and deep straight into our hearts. With the unquestionable success of his posthumous album, stations across the world celebrate the life of the legend who now spins for us up in heaven. And whatever better way to remember and celebrate than to air Hit Intros that pay tribute to Avicii.

Heaven by Avicii is a single completed by the Swedish DJ before his passing away in April last year .

The song, sung by Chris Martin, voice of Coldplay , was inspired by a trip to Italy and in particular by the interest of Avicii for La Divina Commedia by Dante.

To tell what is behind the song Heaven was the producer and friend of Avicii , Soundin. These are his words, to remember the birth of Heaven:

“Tim told me a lot about Dante, Florence and his Inferno. Then he played a new song, which he made with Chris Martin. He was inspired by all these thoughts about Heaven and Hell. It was so beautiful … the piano part had completely caught me. It will always be special for me … “

It appears that Avicii was for several months, in 2016, in a castle south of Siena, and had therefore had the opportunity to get to know Tuscany, Dante and his Comedy, remaining fascinated.

The video for Heaven, which is a video tribute to Avicii, shows many images of the DJ on one of his last trips.

So the wonderful landscapes of Madagascar alternate, and Avicii, who plays or simply contemplates the wonders around him. A very heartwarming video that makes us feel even more miss him.

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