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Urban Hit Intros David Guetta, Post Malone, Jason Derulo, Daddy Yankee

Just posted are new hit intros for urban and dance radio’s hottest names David Guetta, Post Malone, Jason Derulo, Daddy Yankee and more. Check out the demo and the highlights below

Looking for a hit intro for your station or show, make the most of the our Hit Intro page.

1.) Visit the page
2.) Listen to all the latest highlights of Hit Intros customized for radio stations under the Hit Intro Highlights section, click Play button on the SoundCloud player.
3.) Scroll down to the main section and you will see the list of all the available items.
4.) Click on the Preview button to listen to each intro item.
5.) Click the Add to Cart button to add and purchase a specific item.
6.) Remember these products are Go2Produce or download only, so you can add your station name, DJ or host name or radio show. Message us if you like to customize these Hit Intros for your station.

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