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Shack72 Online Is Namibia’s Number 1 Online Radio

Shack72 Online is Namibia’s number one online radio station.

Being number one means giving their audience quality, reliable, diverse, contemporary, globally competitive at the same locally relevant content.

Broadcasting the best music, news, views and interviews around the world, this radio station brings all sectors of business across the world together under one roof.

Shack72 maximizes the use of digital to reach audience not in only in Nambia but the world, with 9,000 followers now on their Facebook page and active presence on Twitter and Instagram.

Being number is about taking commitment to promote home grown talents, which is why the station is actively integrating local music to its playlist.

To keep listeners connected and entertained, Shack72 uses the services of for reliable and quality streaming.

Tune in to Shack72 Online Radio via TuneIn app here:

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